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Where the side

We live and we differ from others in that we have the need and duties and if the person refuses them, it is called as the broken will.Where the side of our choice comes to an end?It would be desirable to give an example of the wellknown psychologist Victor Frankl, founder of school of a logoterapiya which, being the Jew and the political prisoner, at the time of World War II was exposed to the most sophisticated mockeries and tortures in fascist concentration camps.But he made this tragic stage of the life research on a subject where the side of our choice comes to an end.

For ordering

So one behind another in the form of the threestage lesson numbers to are entered.For ordering of sets and symbols it is necessary to take double boards and beads.Before the child double boards, on the right the disorder plates with numbers, at the left cores in the middle lie with beads.The teacher points to the first field of a double board and asks: What this number?Ten!It suggests the child to put vertically to the left of this field the corresponding set from beads, namely core from beads.

Vivian Gross, director

Perhaps, they had necessary things, but children chuvst voval of thrown.Or they felt that other children it is better, than they, and wanted to deprive of them chegoto.And it is necessary to address to these feelings.Vivian Gross, director of clinic of Institute of family therapy It is game from which my boys receive more all pleasure.To steal a box with cookies izpod my nose and to rush upward with the delicacy.I know that they caught it when it becomes silent.Clare M.Your reaction to playful fingers of your child has to to depend on its age, level of its understanding and circumstances, in which it occurred.

It is more

Try to give preference to ball game on a platform or walk instead of a trip on ma to the tire at least once in den.That the child grew the happy Talk of boys Research of calls to The children's line shows that boys and girls have similar feelings and problems, but react and speak about them porazny.As a result of research it was found out that.It is more difficult for boys to speak.It seems to them that from them an ozhid yut that they will take care of themselves.It is difficult for all children to ask about the help, and to boys in a wasp bennost.

Tell that

Some families very well consult, but we never have to forget about stresses, which that not arise less.It is useful if parents recognize existence of difficulties and not at tvoryatsya that everything is good and wonderful both at children, and at them.Tell that similar was and with you.It can appear really important, in particular between fathers and sy novyam.For example, it is very difficult for boys to recognize, that they are intimidated, and such frankness really helps.

Vowels do not need

In the same way you train syllables with vowels about and at.Watch, that the child not strongly extended lips.It is useful, that at pronouncing a sound at the easy additional sound was added in almost duv.It will come from friction of air about the extended lips.Vowels do not need to be pulled strongly.As soon as the sound got on the palm, its pronouncing should be stopped.Signs of the wrong pronouncing: The child can start speaking very softly.In this case it is possible for to reap to it nostrils that he felt it.

Now I really

Brilliant mind?You joke?I all I am not able to put figure in a column yet.The praise can generate alarm or prevent your activity.I never will not be able so any more to strike on a ball.Now I really perezh To Wai.The praise can be also perceived as a manipa lyation.That is necessary to this person from me?I remember my own upset feelings, when I tried to praise the children.They came to me with drawing also asked: Good?

It at first

Answer also an ear child.It at first can seem strange and trudnovypoln my, but it works and it will protect you from insults.The growing independence Are not silent.Let to children know that they have to tell, the EU whether the situation becomes difficult.Tell it directly tyam tell from all directions that badly to peach.About % of children who are offended at school, not a rasskazyva yut anything about it, often Izz of that are afraid a dopolnitel humiliation foot from the torturers.

Sara Darton, medsestrapediatr

What if the child holds the breath?Some children hold the breath when become angry.But after all if for a long time to hold the breath, it is possible to faint that means that you will start over again to breathe.It very much frightens parents, they need to be confident in that happens nothing to the child.Sara Darton, medsestrapediatr The delay of a dykh can become the grandiose final of a hysterics niya.It is really awful, in particular if parents do not represent that occurs and why.

Children study

Children study the majority of these rules, observing for Wad Dra gy, but they need to be directed in order that they have not a cart nikat problems at school and communication in principle.You can to explain, what behavior also what behavior Nye expect more effectively in various situations and to be trained together until at the child does not begin everything correctly and svo bodno to turn out.By six years the child grew up already enough, that a pony mother that social codes and rules differ in different se myakh and groups see.

As the adoptive

It is useful to recognize that all over time changes.As the adoptive parent, you have to actively to build the relations with children.For example, it is impossible it is simple to come and be engaged in discipline; children will be are absolutely right if tell: And who you are in general such?To understand, where to draw a line, it is necessary to be able to put itself to the place of the child, representing, as your actions or words can respond in the child.Cheryl Walter, chief of research and strategic department National association of foster homes In our research we found out that to receptions it is much more difficult for mothers, than adoptive fathers.

, Really

Therefore when parents speak I was tired to remind you, Really you cannot understand, what it is necessary for you?, Of what you thought when went to school?You again did not take a breakfast, did not put on a cap, I was tired to speak to you constantly., Really you do not understand that I cannot go behind each of you and all the time remind you, the answer can be rather bitter.Until we cannot go behind each of them, whether it is worth letting in general in life this small being, the nature which mentality lives under the laws?

It all the same

It is false logic, false philosophy.It can be terrible for the child.It all the same as though the twoyearold girl to force to carry dvadtsatikilokgrammovy bags that then, having married, she could also carry these bags.Training, as they say, by the suvorovsky principle: Hard in the doctrine, it is easy in fight.But it is absolutely terrible philosophy.Actually she leads only to destruction because the child will not develop muscle bulk, and on the contrary, will get hernia or will stretch sheaves.

Your schoolmate

aggressively.To write with the pencil passively.Quietly and accurately to ask: It is possible to take me yours ruch ku?positively.Your schoolmate took two books instead of one, and you not a hva tit.You ask it to give one to you, he disagrees.That it is better to make in such situation?To hit it aggressively.To keep silent and allow to retain books passively.Quietly to appeal to the teacher to solve arose Shuya problem positively.Discuss various ways of positive behavior see.

The girl

Following important compound to feel happy, the samodostatochknost is called.It is ability easily, without feeling obliged, to accept attention, care and courting of other men, including itself worthy this attention that, actually, so to speak, has even from the material point of view a certain effect.The girl whom look after and which meets worthy men, does not consider that if they paid for a dinner, she something has to them.And if she ceases to communicate with them, they do not send her a bill for all bought flowers, the presented boxes of candies and so on.

One husband

This opening forced scientists to pay more attention how strongly the husband father influences children not only directly, but also indirectly, through support of the wife mother in her maternal role.Fathers can help mothers to raise well children or, on the contrary, to prevent them.One husband father whom needs of the small child not strongly interest, does not understand a high role of the wife mother and compels it to early return to work.Another prefers that she stayed at home, dissuades her to be engaged in career which brought it so much pleasure and successfully developed.

Or kog yes it is boring

I tested this method on the children, and to them it very much helped.They all the same fight, but is much more rare.Sandra B.Most likely, the child will behave badly, if to him skuch but, he is upset, hungry, sick, was tired, him hurry.Or kog yes it is boring for you, you are upset, hungry, sick, were tired or you are hurried, and therefore it is more difficult to you to direct it, zabo to titsya about it, to entertain, prepare to eat, pacify and.to be all mu head.If you notice such problems including the sobstven ny also do not disregard, chances that yours re the benok will start behaving as you would like that, considerably will increase.

Let's begin? The fly departed

Let's begin?The fly departed up, to the right down, down, to the right cotton down ?Game tasks difficult studying of dictionary words in Russian, you is given can cipher them.Example: The first letter of the word hid on two letters down and one to the right of a letter M, the second letter hid at the left from a letter B, the following letter between letters U and E, the following letter on three letters up and one to the left from a beech you Kommersant and the last letter hid over a letter E.

Not clear

The child has to open a mouth, to make a cup language and at to slonit its edge a wide tip of language to the top cutters to their top or has some in front from the outer side.In this situation the child has to blow on edge of a cup that to cool the some tea given in it.The exhalation needs to be felt on at palm, stavlenny to mouth.Not clear whistling will be heard sound.Then cup will need to be brought in a mouth so that not to spill contents and to lean a wide tip of language edge of a cup in front to alveoluses.

But if in addition

If the relation is so important, why to worry about words?Disgust in a look of the parent or contemptuous tone can deeply wound the child.But if in addition to it the child call such words, as a gla py, inaccurate, irresponsible, speak to it: You will never learn, he doubly suffers.So or otherwise words are in the habit to be late in for a long time and to make the life of the head miserable.The most awful that children sometimes pull out these words and subsequently is use them as the weapon against themselves.

It is a stage

Then there comes the stage when we need to construct very close, intimate relations with one person.It is a stage where our rise uphill when we receive more, than we give, gradually comes to an end.at jg we come nearer to top, and are ready to begin a new big stage in the lives now a service stage when we start giving.Close relations, a matrimony are here the main examination when the person learns to give as if it already has everything.There is such formula: Give as if you already have everything.

He does not learn

This so touching reminiscence of its past is possible that on each birthday till his old age to the child will tell this episode.But, unfortunately, for all his life it will not be told words that he actually is a spiritual being, God's particle that his homeland is in an inner world.He does not learn and that has, it appears, a thin body and came to this world from other areas of the Universe.Remaining in ignorance concerning all this, he for millions of years, millions of lives will be compelled to experience painfully the birth, an old age, diseases and death.

He aspires

The child is so strongly loaded with this energy of abundance, energy of miraculousness, energy of ability to reach wished strongly that further in life he is capable to set courageous and very sublime purposes.He aspires to higher taste of happiness that there is an essence of development Lobogo of the person.He is not afraid to put these put.But, in that ^е time, he does not go into the second extremes, does not turn achievement of goals into end in itself.That is for development of success to the person two compound happy with that you have are necessary to be, and thus always to aspire to the bigger.


You draw to the child the simple images differing the friend from friend some one detail.The child has to define otl chy it has to find it at once.sk about' DISTINCTION OF SIMILAR LETTERS AMONG THEMSELVES Spread out before the child letters similar at each other for example: r, I, in, y, Kommersant; or p, N, and, and; or sh, shch, c; or to, x; or yu, oh, with, aa.Then show it any letter, it has to find such among lying on a table.You show to the child any similar at each other letters for example: sh shch, shch c, r in, p N, with e, t g, d k, the child has to tell, than they differ.

In the Veda

Under an otrechennost ability of the person to do that in his forces means, that belongs to his duties, and thus long time, can years, not to see, not to receive results.In the Veda it is called still as as not attachment to rezulktata of the actions.When parents try to perekdat to the child some experience, knowledge, skills or moral values, it will be less effective and to a lesser extent will do it good if someone, figuratively speaking stands behind his back and waits when, at last, the child starts applying quicker poluchenkny knowledge to follow the received manuals, will be able to receive the benefit from that communication which parents and so on give it wholly.

Many parents

All week I did not cease to ask a question on which komuto my hair were given and why to the father suddenly it became so important.Rob K.Even if children still too small to understand or to realize all facts connected with kakoylibo danger, ro ditel all the same can make a lot of things that to secure them.Many parents are afraid to tell children about drugs, not wishing that the child so early faced it, and being afraid, what is the attention can only urge forward lyubopyt stvo.What exactly needs to be told the small child, and about what to hold back depends on circumstances and this or that experience the child, it is also a difficult choice for any parent.

In fifteen

There was no visible reaction of Hens.Later, when I rose to the younger son, that ulo to live it to sleep, I asked Hens to rise to myself in fifteen minutes.He told: All right.In fifteen minutes itselfhimself had it and already in a bed.I told it: I asked you to rise and lay down in a bed in fifteen minutes, and here you here, precisely in time.Here that is called the man of his word.Hens smiled.Next day Hens came to kitchen before dinner also told: Mothers, I came to set the table.

. The child

Some consider

Some consider this as a sign of a sl Bost and as lack of courage: If I tell that I feel, me will call the little girl, I cannot anybody about it to tell, will laugh over me, If I tell a pas pe, he will simply answer me that I have to be able for myself to stand.Boys more often were selfcritical, when at them in general there were problems as if considered that the real the boy would not allow or would put an end of a zapugiv niya, to attacks or domestic violence, and also sprav lyalsya with loss or family problems without feeling on teryannost.

She was surprised

Other protective tactics, which children use to wave away from questions when they are not ready or do not want to answer: I do not know and Leave me at rest.One mother told us that does not feel ho grove mother if does not ask the son questions.She was surprised that when ceased to fill up it questions and with interest listened, when he something spoke to it, it started opening.Whether means it that it is never necessary to set re benka of questions?Absolutely not.

It is useful. EU whether

Put an end to labels; allow

Put an end to labels; allow it to decide that he can make to improve situation you have to receive the following answer: to excuse sya and to return a thing; if the child cannot finish thinking to him sya, offer it; be vigilant, but do not exaggerate a situation, when it already it is resolved; if you come back again and again to it, at the kid not enough motivation will not make pain she similar acts.It always took jewelry and trifles, belonging to elder sister, also hid them in the to the room on secluded corners.

By fig. it is not excluded

To pass to walking. The workbook

Having read

But for various reasons the logopedist usually is engaged with the child times a week, and parents are entrusted to train with it about iznosheniye of the put sounds.Having read this book, you will be able to define, whether suits you the invited expert, and also will be able effectively to carry out with the child homeworks that considerably will accelerate statement at him sound pronunciations.Frequent occupations with the logopedist there is enough road, therefore vozmozh nost to some extent to replace it allows to deliver to the child pra vilny pronunciation at shortage of means.

It is especially

Now all of them do.So it appeared much quicker and more simply, than to shout from a ladder.Lesley M.Trust in the words.It is especially effective, when you ho Tit to get support of the child see.Effective yew the tsiplina, but helps and with all other cases.Speaking simply, it means that your gestures and nonverbal a signa ly have to coincide with your words.If they protivo Obtseniye rechat for example, you try to smile with pleasure, though to a vn three boil from rage, or try to be strict, when to you ridiculously the child will feel discrepancy and will not know, to that to trust.

It is very

With people who fall by big depths, there is a dekompresksiya.The decompression of desires comes when the child simply denies any attempts of parents to promote its wellbeing, its success as the benefit for himself.The child cannot be grateful sincerely that others wanted.It is very important point.We on a protyakzheniye of all life try to teach the children as it is correct to wish.But it is actually correct to wish means to wish without any restrictions to nashchukpat true desires, the taste of happiness.

Spheres are connected

It is possible to apply saving spheres of Suslov which it is good are visible on water thanks to bright coloring.Spheres are connected among themselves rope cm long Having undertaken the middle of a rope, they are thrown that nushchy which a breast lays down on a rope, and thus the rescuer transports the victim to the coast, tightening to itself the strong cord attached to to the middle of a rope, I connect Russian cabbage soup spheres.Saving belts, on grudnik and vests use sya for maintenance on water injured disasters at Ava riya of boats, yachts etc.

We as adults

If you very much clearly express that you individuals about seriousness ny, but different views and emotions, it will help re to see a benka that it is not part of a problem; on it there is no fault.We as adults have to accept that children love both parents and that they need to perceive everyone the parent to develop and raise naturally and positively to perceive itself.Cheryl Walter, chief of research and strategic department National association of foster homes Consider that you will tell.As you will present to the child news about parting or divorce so that it as the International Federation of Journalists but did much harm to it less?

The main

From the point of view of the Vedic principles, parents after fifteen years practically can impose nothing to children.The main form of communication as I already spoke, this Companionship.But on the other hand, parents concerning the adult daughter need to remember that principle that the woman has always to, to be under protection.Whoever appeared round it: employers, colleagues, fellow students or simply young people to whom it was pleasant which have some ideas, say, concerning your daughter or will have, they bgg it have to is aware that behind it there is a patron, and that she a v°egda is ready to address to protection, council, Protection of this person itself.

Fig. Tree

Happens that

Because if the person can really suffer itself, it is very simple to it to feel pity for another, he easily perceives difficulties, emotional difficulties of another, and easily empathizes them.Happens that mothers too sometimes refuse to the kid compassion though as women, know that sometimes it is impossible to make anything until you acquired supports and the rights for complaints, the rights for bad mood.Usually sensitive children resist if them force to meet someone.Many parents if their psychophysiological structure other, perceive it as a deviation: What with my son?

We need to live

Disagreements lead to the conflicts therefore it is very important to separate the facts from fiction, sober thought from ideology.Definitely, there is no way back, at that time when the woman of one house looked after children while the man stuck at work.It is necessary to change way of our life.We need to live fully, but without regarding as of paramount importance material requirements.The book Education of Children will provide you with versatile information, will force to think of much and, eventually, will teach to listen to own heart.

Fig. If leak


Our usual training will take place in Saturday on stadium of Villets, from till Let's meet.Sincerely yours, trainer Bob Gordon.November Dear CHAMPIONS!Game in these days off was the best that I when or saw.All year Tomahawks showed magnificent attack and magnificent protection.In these days off you showed also yours an udivitel Nov courage and fighting spirit.Even when honor time left, you did not give up and gained the tremendous victory which you quite deserved.

The child

Therefore when parents zatsat a question, where a side meanwhile to support the child and him to indulge, in the light of that we discussed about what we spoke, to define this side rather easily.The child grows up spoiled not when his desires udovletvokryatsya and when parents meet his desires to the detriment of own, that is when they impart to it, that without suspecting, idea what to reach that that due to refusal of other people of their own desires absolute norm.The rule of alternative pedagogics children indulges not that they want bigger, this in itself not necessarily means that the child razbalovanny if he wants something all the time, and that parents meet these desires, something refusing to itself.

Spread out identical

, Where the birdie flies sits?, emphasizing with an accent a verb.Understanding of value of simple pretexts: in, on, under, for, near.Spread out identical subjects for example, pencils in places, being in various spatial relations to any to subject.For example, pencils can be put in the book, on the book, for the book, under the book, about the book.Ask the child to give you a pencil, located in the corresponding place: Give that on the book!with accent on a pretext, but without the specifying gesture.

Do not forget

Or a circle of friends of mother where it could laugh, relax and get support to cope with all difficulties.Do not forget about fun Parents not only have to calm children, but also amuse.The joyful parent also stimulates the child, forcing it to laugh and delighting, effectively lightening it mood, inducing to bigger activity and playfulness.Parents and the senior children like to potter with kids, for what are rewarded by their enthusiastic laughter.The indifferent, upset and boring child will cheer up at once if the parent approaches him, will tickle it, will play with it kuka and will show a bright rattle.


That is, in other words, to receive their protection in the world which is full the most different problems, dangers.Therefore when parents from category of patrons pass into category of danger when they use threats as an education method, natural motivation to serve parents, to follow that they speak, becomes, in general, absurd.After all as it is possible to expect protection and protection against the one who is threat?Four important qualities for parents In many respects the Veda, speaking about educational measures and protection children, draw a parallel between the status of the parent, spiritual mentor and tsar.

In this sense

Though in the theory, in conversation they can designate the Understanding of difference from parents, emotionally they Feel the extremely unprotected and uncertain Therefore can also lose motivation and soprotivlyatk sya if parents are inclined to induce them to act independently.In this sense go, make creates feeling of office at the child: You go, make, and I will remain here.The phrase Give, make besides that rodiktel do the first movements, creates feeling of security.I want to do, I want to be near this person, I want to do together with him, I want to study, I want to gather something at him, to adopt something from him.


That is, the sufferings caused by other living beings.Parents in this case get to their category.If we decide that is able to protect the child not only from aggressive schoolmates, angry boys in the yard, mosquitoes, dogs and so on, and even from ourselves, considering that will be very big benefit to provide to the child known freedom, the very unpleasant too can expect us syurprieMost of parents make efforts to protect the child from the problems caused by external forces of nature when accounts for heating when there is a clean and light room when in the refrigerator always there is something are received to chew.

Meet, children

Therefore the one who understood advantages of this century, will never be seduced with anything else.And those who did not understand, will not be able to understand them a choice.Meet, children from heavens The Veda say that the child is capable to help parents even after their leaving, after death to reach the highest planets.Even if parents lived unclear as, were committed to the false values and all life argued with children who strove for higher knowledge, to spirituality, nevertheless, the child can take care after withdrawal of parents from life of their further prosperity, the favorable birth, achievement of the highest planets and even achievement of an inner world as tell the Veda.


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