Where the side

Where the side We live and we differ from others in that we have the need and duties and if the person refuses them, it is called as the broken will.

Where the side of our choice comes to an end?

It would be desirable to give an example of the wellknown psychologist Victor Frankl, founder of school of a logoterapiya which, being the Jew and the political prisoner, at the time of World War II was exposed to the most sophisticated mockeries and tortures in fascist concentration camps.

But he made this tragic stage of the life research on a subject where the side of our choice comes to an end.

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For ordering

For ordering So one behind another in the form of the threestage lesson numbers to are entered.

For ordering of sets and symbols it is necessary to take double boards and beads.

Before the child double boards, on the right the disorder plates with numbers, at the left cores in the middle lie with beads.

The teacher points to the first field of a double board and asks: What this number?


It suggests the child to put vertically to the left of this field the corresponding set from beads, namely core from beads.

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Vivian Gross, director

Vivian Gross, director Perhaps, they had necessary things, but children chuvst voval of thrown.

Or they felt that other children it is better, than they, and wanted to deprive of them chegoto.

And it is necessary to address to these feelings.

Vivian Gross, director of clinic of Institute of family therapy It is game from which my boys receive more all pleasure.

To steal a box with cookies izpod my nose and to rush upward with the delicacy.

I know that they caught it when it becomes silent.

Clare M.

Your reaction to playful fingers of your child has to to depend on its age, level of its understanding and circumstances, in which it occurred.

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It is more

It is more Try to give preference to ball game on a platform or walk instead of a trip on ma to the tire at least once in den.

That the child grew the happy Talk of boys Research of calls to The children's line shows that boys and girls have similar feelings and problems, but react and speak about them porazny.

As a result of research it was found out that.

It is more difficult for boys to speak.

It seems to them that from them an ozhid yut that they will take care of themselves.

It is difficult for all children to ask about the help, and to boys in a wasp bennost.

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Tell that

Tell that Some families very well consult, but we never have to forget about stresses, which that not arise less.

It is useful if parents recognize existence of difficulties and not at tvoryatsya that everything is good and wonderful both at children, and at them.

Tell that similar was and with you.

It can appear really important, in particular between fathers and sy novyam.

For example, it is very difficult for boys to recognize, that they are intimidated, and such frankness really helps.

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