The child

The child Therefore when parents zatsat a question, where a side meanwhile to support the child and him to indulge, in the light of that we discussed about what we spoke, to define this side rather easily.

The child grows up spoiled not when his desires udovletvokryatsya and when parents meet his desires to the detriment of own, that is when they impart to it, that without suspecting, idea what to reach that that due to refusal of other people of their own desires absolute norm.

The rule of alternative pedagogics children indulges not that they want bigger, this in itself not necessarily means that the child razbalovanny if he wants something all the time, and that parents meet these desires, something refusing to itself.

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Spread out identical

Spread out identical, Where the birdie flies sits?

, emphasizing with an accent a verb.

Understanding of value of simple pretexts: in, on, under, for, near.

Spread out identical subjects for example, pencils in places, being in various spatial relations to any to subject.

For example, pencils can be put in the book, on the book, for the book, under the book, about the book.

Ask the child to give you a pencil, located in the corresponding place: Give that on the book!

with accent on a pretext, but without the specifying gesture.

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Do not forget

Do not forget Or a circle of friends of mother where it could laugh, relax and get support to cope with all difficulties.

Do not forget about fun Parents not only have to calm children, but also amuse.

The joyful parent also stimulates the child, forcing it to laugh and delighting, effectively lightening it mood, inducing to bigger activity and playfulness.

Parents and the senior children like to potter with kids, for what are rewarded by their enthusiastic laughter.

The indifferent, upset and boring child will cheer up at once if the parent approaches him, will tickle it, will play with it kuka and will show a bright rattle.

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Therefore That is, in other words, to receive their protection in the world which is full the most different problems, dangers.

Therefore when parents from category of patrons pass into category of danger when they use threats as an education method, natural motivation to serve parents, to follow that they speak, becomes, in general, absurd.

After all as it is possible to expect protection and protection against the one who is threat?

Four important qualities for parents In many respects the Veda, speaking about educational measures and protection children, draw a parallel between the status of the parent, spiritual mentor and tsar.

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In this sense

In this sense Though in the theory, in conversation they can designate the Understanding of difference from parents, emotionally they Feel the extremely unprotected and uncertain Therefore can also lose motivation and soprotivlyatk sya if parents are inclined to induce them to act independently.

In this sense go, make creates feeling of office at the child: You go, make, and I will remain here.

The phrase Give, make besides that rodiktel do the first movements, creates feeling of security.

I want to do, I want to be near this person, I want to do together with him, I want to study, I want to gather something at him, to adopt something from him.

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