Fig. Tree

Fig. Tree I will string a berry to a berry, By the left hand to do ringlets, serially connecting a forefinger to all the others, and the right forefinger to string ringlets on thread.

I will show a bright beads to friends.


Tree IN THE WOOD ON BERRIES Time, two, three, four, five Fingers of both hands greet adjoin with each other: at first thumbs connect, then index etc.

To the wood there are we to take a walk.

Index and average fingers both hands go on a table.

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Happens that

Happens that Because if the person can really suffer itself, it is very simple to it to feel pity for another, he easily perceives difficulties, emotional difficulties of another, and easily empathizes them.

Happens that mothers too sometimes refuse to the kid compassion though as women, know that sometimes it is impossible to make anything until you acquired supports and the rights for complaints, the rights for bad mood.

Usually sensitive children resist if them force to meet someone.

Many parents if their psychophysiological structure other, perceive it as a deviation: What with my son?

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We need to live

We need to live Disagreements lead to the conflicts therefore it is very important to separate the facts from fiction, sober thought from ideology.

Definitely, there is no way back, at that time when the woman of one house looked after children while the man stuck at work.

It is necessary to change way of our life.

We need to live fully, but without regarding as of paramount importance material requirements.

The book Education of Children will provide you with versatile information, will force to think of much and, eventually, will teach to listen to own heart.

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Fig. If leak

Fig. If leak .

At the wrong speech exhalation an air stream in this or that to measure goes to a nose fig.

, and its remains are sprayed in a mouth, without reaching those places where the majority of Russianspeaking sounds is formed.


If leak of air through a nose is great it gives the nasal shade to a pronunciation.

Such exhalation is characteristic, for example, for French, only on such exhalation formation is possible grassiruyushchy, French sound r.

The air stream can go to the highest point firm nb, partially going to a nose.

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November Our usual training will take place in Saturday on stadium of Villets, from till Let's meet.

Sincerely yours, trainer Bob Gordon.

November Dear CHAMPIONS!

Game in these days off was the best that I when or saw.

All year Tomahawks showed magnificent attack and magnificent protection.

In these days off you showed also yours an udivitel Nov courage and fighting spirit.

Even when honor time left, you did not give up and gained the tremendous victory which you quite deserved.

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