It is especially

It is especially Now all of them do.

So it appeared much quicker and more simply, than to shout from a ladder.

Lesley M.

Trust in the words.

It is especially effective, when you ho Tit to get support of the child see.

Effective yew the tsiplina, but helps and with all other cases.

Speaking simply, it means that your gestures and nonverbal a signa ly have to coincide with your words.

If they protivo Obtseniye rechat for example, you try to smile with pleasure, though to a vn three boil from rage, or try to be strict, when to you ridiculously the child will feel discrepancy and will not know, to that to trust.

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It is very

It is very With people who fall by big depths, there is a dekompresksiya.

The decompression of desires comes when the child simply denies any attempts of parents to promote its wellbeing, its success as the benefit for himself.

The child cannot be grateful sincerely that others wanted.

It is very important point.

We on a protyakzheniye of all life try to teach the children as it is correct to wish.

But it is actually correct to wish means to wish without any restrictions to nashchukpat true desires, the taste of happiness.

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Spheres are connected

Spheres are connected It is possible to apply saving spheres of Suslov which it is good are visible on water thanks to bright coloring.

Spheres are connected among themselves rope cm long Having undertaken the middle of a rope, they are thrown that nushchy which a breast lays down on a rope, and thus the rescuer transports the victim to the coast, tightening to itself the strong cord attached to to the middle of a rope, I connect Russian cabbage soup spheres.

Saving belts, on grudnik and vests use sya for maintenance on water injured disasters at Ava riya of boats, yachts etc.

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We as adults

We as adults If you very much clearly express that you individuals about seriousness ny, but different views and emotions, it will help re to see a benka that it is not part of a problem; on it there is no fault.

We as adults have to accept that children love both parents and that they need to perceive everyone the parent to develop and raise naturally and positively to perceive itself.

Cheryl Walter, chief of research and strategic department National association of foster homes Consider that you will tell.

As you will present to the child news about parting or divorce so that it as the International Federation of Journalists but did much harm to it less?

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The main

The main From the point of view of the Vedic principles, parents after fifteen years practically can impose nothing to children.

The main form of communication as I already spoke, this Companionship.

But on the other hand, parents concerning the adult daughter need to remember that principle that the woman has always to, to be under protection.

Whoever appeared round it: employers, colleagues, fellow students or simply young people to whom it was pleasant which have some ideas, say, concerning your daughter or will have, they bgg it have to is aware that behind it there is a patron, and that she a v°egda is ready to address to protection, council, Protection of this person itself.

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