It is useful. EU whether

It is useful. EU whether It was hit, and it not knew how to arrive when he was offended, and simply insisted on the, and it again and again was banished.

It is pardonable to parents to worry unsuccessful days, and them children should reconcile to it simply.

It is useful.

EU whether they are sure how to behave with people when at them bad mood, will not know when follows podbod to rit when not to pay attention and when to find out to an otnosha niya.

That little boy going against four seniors children, did not gain these important social qualities, therefore that they cannot learn if all present to you on blyudech ke with a gold kayemochka.

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Put an end to labels; allow

Put an end to labels; allow Put an end to labels; allow it to decide that he can make to improve situation you have to receive the following answer: to excuse sya and to return a thing; if the child cannot finish thinking to him sya, offer it; be vigilant, but do not exaggerate a situation, when it already it is resolved; if you come back again and again to it, at the kid not enough motivation will not make pain she similar acts.

It always took jewelry and trifles, belonging to elder sister, also hid them in the to the room on secluded corners.

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By fig. it is not excluded

By fig. it is not excluded , and , century.

Ashore it is necessary to talk quietly to the victim, ob yasniv that danger passed.

To remove a nervous tension at the victim, it is desirable for soothing to allow to it to drink are unstable like a valerian.

By fig.

it is not excluded that the victim already ashore can lose consciousness, in a low pulse and breath thus remain.

In this case it is necessary to undo all fasteners in clothes and to bring alternately to each nostril of the victim the cotton wool moistened with sal ammoniac or uksu som.

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To pass to walking. The workbook

To pass to walking. The workbook Nominative a wide rack, feet separately, hands on a belt.

To make on trunk clones to the right, back, to the left, forward.

Nominative a rack, feet separately.

A jump to connect feet together, hands in the parties.

To part with a jump feet, hands down.

To jump softly, on tiptoe.

To pass to walking.

The workbook is made on the basis of an author's technique on development of spatial representations in children of years, is created ache also the children's neuropsychology which is repeatedly approved by specialists of the Research center.

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Having read

Having read But for various reasons the logopedist usually is engaged with the child times a week, and parents are entrusted to train with it about iznosheniye of the put sounds.

Having read this book, you will be able to define, whether suits you the invited expert, and also will be able effectively to carry out with the child homeworks that considerably will accelerate statement at him sound pronunciations.

Frequent occupations with the logopedist there is enough road, therefore vozmozh nost to some extent to replace it allows to deliver to the child pra vilny pronunciation at shortage of means.

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