Many parents

Many parents All week I did not cease to ask a question on which komuto my hair were given and why to the father suddenly it became so important.

Rob K.

Even if children still too small to understand or to realize all facts connected with kakoylibo danger, ro ditel all the same can make a lot of things that to secure them.

Many parents are afraid to tell children about drugs, not wishing that the child so early faced it, and being afraid, what is the attention can only urge forward lyubopyt stvo.

What exactly needs to be told the small child, and about what to hold back depends on circumstances and this or that experience the child, it is also a difficult choice for any parent.

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In fifteen

In fifteen There was no visible reaction of Hens.

Later, when I rose to the younger son, that ulo to live it to sleep, I asked Hens to rise to myself in fifteen minutes.

He told: All right.

In fifteen minutes itselfhimself had it and already in a bed.

I told it: I asked you to rise and lay down in a bed in fifteen minutes, and here you here, precisely in time.

Here that is called the man of his word.

Hens smiled.

Next day Hens came to kitchen before dinner also told: Mothers, I came to set the table.

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. The child

. The child.

The child owes the ska to zat when you said one sound and when two.

The child at your request has to say that separate with vowel, two, going in a row.

You say simple monosyllables one with confluence consonants, others without it for example: cat, mole, current, step, thief, enemy, world, March, etc.


The child has to tell you, when in the word there are two consonants going in a row and when such sounds are not present.

And now you should return to work on syllabic structure words.

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Some consider

Some consider Some consider this as a sign of a sl Bost and as lack of courage: If I tell that I feel, me will call the little girl, I cannot anybody about it to tell, will laugh over me, If I tell a pas pe, he will simply answer me that I have to be able for myself to stand.

Boys more often were selfcritical, when at them in general there were problems as if considered that the real the boy would not allow or would put an end of a zapugiv niya, to attacks or domestic violence, and also sprav lyalsya with loss or family problems without feeling on teryannost.

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She was surprised

She was surprised Other protective tactics, which children use to wave away from questions when they are not ready or do not want to answer: I do not know and Leave me at rest.

One mother told us that does not feel ho grove mother if does not ask the son questions.

She was surprised that when ceased to fill up it questions and with interest listened, when he something spoke to it, it started opening.

Whether means it that it is never necessary to set re benka of questions?

Absolutely not.

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