It is a stage

It is a stage Then there comes the stage when we need to construct very close, intimate relations with one person.

It is a stage where our rise uphill when we receive more, than we give, gradually comes to an end.

at jg we come nearer to top, and are ready to begin a new big stage in the lives now a service stage when we start giving.

Close relations, a matrimony are here the main examination when the person learns to give as if it already has everything.

There is such formula: Give as if you already have everything.

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He does not learn

He does not learn This so touching reminiscence of its past is possible that on each birthday till his old age to the child will tell this episode.

But, unfortunately, for all his life it will not be told words that he actually is a spiritual being, God's particle that his homeland is in an inner world.

He does not learn and that has, it appears, a thin body and came to this world from other areas of the Universe.

Remaining in ignorance concerning all this, he for millions of years, millions of lives will be compelled to experience painfully the birth, an old age, diseases and death.

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He aspires

He aspires The child is so strongly loaded with this energy of abundance, energy of miraculousness, energy of ability to reach wished strongly that further in life he is capable to set courageous and very sublime purposes.

He aspires to higher taste of happiness that there is an essence of development Lobogo of the person.

He is not afraid to put these put.

But, in that ^е time, he does not go into the second extremes, does not turn achievement of goals into end in itself.

That is for development of success to the person two compound happy with that you have are necessary to be, and thus always to aspire to the bigger.

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Sk about' DISTINCTION You draw to the child the simple images differing the friend from friend some one detail.

The child has to define otl chy it has to find it at once.

sk about' DISTINCTION OF SIMILAR LETTERS AMONG THEMSELVES Spread out before the child letters similar at each other for example: r, I, in, y, Kommersant; or p, N, and, and; or sh, shch, c; or to, x; or yu, oh, with, aa.

Then show it any letter, it has to find such among lying on a table.

You show to the child any similar at each other letters for example: sh shch, shch c, r in, p N, with e, t g, d k, the child has to tell, than they differ.

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In the Veda

In the Veda Under an otrechennost ability of the person to do that in his forces means, that belongs to his duties, and thus long time, can years, not to see, not to receive results.

In the Veda it is called still as as not attachment to rezulktata of the actions.

When parents try to perekdat to the child some experience, knowledge, skills or moral values, it will be less effective and to a lesser extent will do it good if someone, figuratively speaking stands behind his back and waits when, at last, the child starts applying quicker poluchenkny knowledge to follow the received manuals, will be able to receive the benefit from that communication which parents and so on give it wholly.

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