One husband

One husband This opening forced scientists to pay more attention how strongly the husband father influences children not only directly, but also indirectly, through support of the wife mother in her maternal role.

Fathers can help mothers to raise well children or, on the contrary, to prevent them.

One husband father whom needs of the small child not strongly interest, does not understand a high role of the wife mother and compels it to early return to work.

Another prefers that she stayed at home, dissuades her to be engaged in career which brought it so much pleasure and successfully developed.

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Or kog yes it is boring

Or kog yes it is boring I tested this method on the children, and to them it very much helped.

They all the same fight, but is much more rare.

Sandra B.

Most likely, the child will behave badly, if to him skuch but, he is upset, hungry, sick, was tired, him hurry.

Or kog yes it is boring for you, you are upset, hungry, sick, were tired or you are hurried, and therefore it is more difficult to you to direct it, zabo to titsya about it, to entertain, prepare to eat, pacify and.

to be all mu head.

If you notice such problems including the sobstven ny also do not disregard, chances that yours re the benok will start behaving as you would like that, considerably will increase.

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Let's begin? The fly departed

Let's begin? The fly departed Let's begin?

The fly departed up, to the right down, down, to the right cotton down ?

Game tasks difficult studying of dictionary words in Russian, you is given can cipher them.

Example: The first letter of the word hid on two letters down and one to the right of a letter M, the second letter hid at the left from a letter B, the following letter between letters U and E, the following letter on three letters up and one to the left from a beech you Kommersant and the last letter hid over a letter E.

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Not clear

Not clear The child has to open a mouth, to make a cup language and at to slonit its edge a wide tip of language to the top cutters to their top or has some in front from the outer side.

In this situation the child has to blow on edge of a cup that to cool the some tea given in it.

The exhalation needs to be felt on at palm, stavlenny to mouth.

Not clear whistling will be heard sound.

Then cup will need to be brought in a mouth so that not to spill contents and to lean a wide tip of language edge of a cup in front to alveoluses.

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But if in addition

But if in addition If the relation is so important, why to worry about words?

Disgust in a look of the parent or contemptuous tone can deeply wound the child.

But if in addition to it the child call such words, as a gla py, inaccurate, irresponsible, speak to it: You will never learn, he doubly suffers.

So or otherwise words are in the habit to be late in for a long time and to make the life of the head miserable.

The most awful that children sometimes pull out these words and subsequently is use them as the weapon against themselves.

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