As the adoptive

As the adoptive It is useful to recognize that all over time changes.

As the adoptive parent, you have to actively to build the relations with children.

For example, it is impossible it is simple to come and be engaged in discipline; children will be are absolutely right if tell: And who you are in general such?

To understand, where to draw a line, it is necessary to be able to put itself to the place of the child, representing, as your actions or words can respond in the child.

Cheryl Walter, chief of research and strategic department National association of foster homes In our research we found out that to receptions it is much more difficult for mothers, than adoptive fathers.

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, Really

, Really Therefore when parents speak I was tired to remind you, Really you cannot understand, what it is necessary for you?

, Of what you thought when went to school?

You again did not take a breakfast, did not put on a cap, I was tired to speak to you constantly.

, Really you do not understand that I cannot go behind each of you and all the time remind you, the answer can be rather bitter.

Until we cannot go behind each of them, whether it is worth letting in general in life this small being, the nature which mentality lives under the laws?

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It all the same

It all the same It is false logic, false philosophy.

It can be terrible for the child.

It all the same as though the twoyearold girl to force to carry dvadtsatikilokgrammovy bags that then, having married, she could also carry these bags.

Training, as they say, by the suvorovsky principle: Hard in the doctrine, it is easy in fight.

But it is absolutely terrible philosophy.

Actually she leads only to destruction because the child will not develop muscle bulk, and on the contrary, will get hernia or will stretch sheaves.

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Your schoolmate

Your schoolmate aggressively.

To write with the pencil passively.

Quietly and accurately to ask: It is possible to take me yours ruch ku?


Your schoolmate took two books instead of one, and you not a hva tit.

You ask it to give one to you, he disagrees.

That it is better to make in such situation?

To hit it aggressively.

To keep silent and allow to retain books passively.

Quietly to appeal to the teacher to solve arose Shuya problem positively.

Discuss various ways of positive behavior see.

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The girl

The girl Following important compound to feel happy, the samodostatochknost is called.

It is ability easily, without feeling obliged, to accept attention, care and courting of other men, including itself worthy this attention that, actually, so to speak, has even from the material point of view a certain effect.

The girl whom look after and which meets worthy men, does not consider that if they paid for a dinner, she something has to them.

And if she ceases to communicate with them, they do not send her a bill for all bought flowers, the presented boxes of candies and so on.

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