Vowels do not need

Vowels do not need In the same way you train syllables with vowels about and at.

Watch, that the child not strongly extended lips.

It is useful, that at pronouncing a sound at the easy additional sound was added in almost duv.

It will come from friction of air about the extended lips.

Vowels do not need to be pulled strongly.

As soon as the sound got on the palm, its pronouncing should be stopped.

Signs of the wrong pronouncing: The child can start speaking very softly.

In this case it is possible for to reap to it nostrils that he felt it.

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Now I really

Now I really Brilliant mind?

You joke?

I all I am not able to put figure in a column yet.

The praise can generate alarm or prevent your activity.

I never will not be able so any more to strike on a ball.

Now I really perezh To Wai.

The praise can be also perceived as a manipa lyation.

That is necessary to this person from me?

I remember my own upset feelings, when I tried to praise the children.

They came to me with drawing also asked: Good?

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It at first

It at first Answer also an ear child.

It at first can seem strange and trudnovypoln my, but it works and it will protect you from insults.

The growing independence Are not silent.

Let to children know that they have to tell, the EU whether the situation becomes difficult.

Tell it directly tyam tell from all directions that badly to peach.

About % of children who are offended at school, not a rasskazyva yut anything about it, often Izz of that are afraid a dopolnitel humiliation foot from the torturers.

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Sara Darton, medsestrapediatr

Sara Darton, medsestrapediatr What if the child holds the breath?

Some children hold the breath when become angry.

But after all if for a long time to hold the breath, it is possible to faint that means that you will start over again to breathe.

It very much frightens parents, they need to be confident in that happens nothing to the child.

Sara Darton, medsestrapediatr The delay of a dykh can become the grandiose final of a hysterics niya.

It is really awful, in particular if parents do not represent that occurs and why.

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Children study

Children study Children study the majority of these rules, observing for Wad Dra gy, but they need to be directed in order that they have not a cart nikat problems at school and communication in principle.

You can to explain, what behavior also what behavior Nye expect more effectively in various situations and to be trained together until at the child does not begin everything correctly and svo bodno to turn out.

By six years the child grew up already enough, that a pony mother that social codes and rules differ in different se myakh and groups see.

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